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Best Things to in Asunción

Asuncion is the capital city of Paraguay, and it is bothered by the Paraguay River. Being a capital city, it embodies a lot of recreational amenities and attractions that are worth the attention of any traveller. It is well known because it is the place where the Lopez Presidential Palace is located, a paramount building that hosts most of the president’s offices.  Whether you want to visit historical places, see the beautiful monuments or enjoy the breath taking venues of the place, you can visit Asuncion because it contains all these treasures. Below are some of the places to be when in this city.


Lopez Presidential Palace

This is where the president performs all his diplomatic and administrative duties. It contains offices and meeting grounds where the president meets various dignitaries from other countries to discuss matters of the whole country. Located at the centre of Paraguay, the palace overlooks the Bay. The structural design of the building, the well-kept environment and the cool and fresh air prevailing in the place serves as a polite welcome to all visitors. Although it is guarded, people can still book tours to this place and enjoy the fascinating beauty.


A Visit to the National Cathedral and Catholic University

The National Cathedral and Catholic University is one of the prominent religious and educational centres in Asuncion. It was declared a world national heritage long time ago due to its exemplary designed gothic buildings. You can attend a mass that is presided by one of the most powerful bishops in the world every Sunday. Besides the attractive buildings, the National Cathedral and Catholic University is well maintained and they are decorated with patterned flowers and green lawns which make the place to be spellbinding at all times.


A Tour to the National Pantheon of the Heroes

This is a national monument of Paraguay that is well known because it enshrines cultural, artistic and historical treasures of the whole Paraguay. It is a folder that contains a brief summary of the religion, history and great works of Paraguay. For every trip to Asuncion to be considered meaningful, tourists must step foot in this place and witness the treasures encompassed in this place. The place contains the remains of the great heroes including the former leaders, soldiers who died at war and great philosophers to have existed in the city. Don’t forget your camera because there is a lot to capture in National Pantheon of the Heroes.


There are other many places that one can tour in Asuncion, but these are the most significant ones that will make the tourist have an excellent experience. You can as well visit the Museo de Barro, a well-equipped museum with all sorts of galleries that one can use to know many things regarding Paraguay. It is good to plan the places you want to tour before you even visit the place because you might end up getting confused since there are a lot of tourist attractions in the city.

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