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Best Perth Attractions to Visit

Perth is the only major city in Australia located on the North-Western Coast on the Indian Ocean. With its relaxed outdoor lifestyle, nice weather and unique wildlife there are certainly a variety of places you would want to go to. Tourist attractions range from islands through buildings to rivers and the wildlife. We’ve created a list of Perth attractions which we believe are the most entertaining ones and would bring most value from experiencing them. Keep in mind that the list is in no particular order so here it is:


Penguin Island

It is located on a forty-five-minute ferry ride across the Shoalwater Bay and if you are like me and want to visit penguins in their natural habitat this is one of the best opportunities to do so, without experiencing the stress of potential hypothermia. The island is the home of the smallest penguin in the world. For a small cost you would be given the opportunity to feed them. If you are not a fan of penguins you could still observe seabirds, dolphins, sea lions and other wildlife or just go on a walk on the beach and explore the boardwalks.


The place also has a picnic area where kids could go out for a swim while parents enjoy the sun and relax. Due to its popularity among famous tourist attractions, there are regular ferryboat rides so you won’t need to worry if you have to go back in urgency.


Shoal water Islands Marine Park

The place is magnificent to the opportunity to dive, snorkel and observe the underwater wildlife. It’s an area full of reefs and ship wrecks and again you could observe the Little Penguins in action. The bottlenose dolphins are also quite common in the marine park. The area provides an extraordinary experience which we recommend to everyone. Unfortunately, you would need a dive permit to take full advantage of it such as taking a tour to swim with the dolphins.


Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Located above the Swan River on the western bank of the city, the King’s Park is a four-hundred-hectare area including the botanic garden. The garden itself contains more than 2000 different types of plants and is one of the most visited Perth attractions.


The park is a perfect place to organise a picnic and enjoy a nice hot day as the tall trees cast their shadow and will hide you from the heat. It is also good for a place to take a walk in or jog as the surroundings will help keep your mind at ease under the sound of flowing river water.


Restaurant Amuse

When you get hungry, this is the place to go to. They have a superb wine list and provide the highest quality culinary Australia has to offer. Even eccentric critics have been stunned by establishment and recommend it publicly to all visitors. That should speak for itself.


There are certainly many other places you could visit in Perth. This list provides something for everyone and helps make your Perth visit a more enjoyable experience.


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