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The Best Byblos Attractions

If you found yourselves visiting Lebanon, then there is no doubt you will be amazed by the amazing scenery, the archaeological sites and many more attractions you never thought you would see. One of the most beautiful cities is, of course, Byblos, which will awe you with its large variety on excursions and antiquities.


If this is your first time in Byblos, there are some things you shouldn’t miss. These selected attractions of all the things to do in Byblos will please every taste of the most demanding travellers in the world.


Archaeological Site

When you hear of an archaeological site, you must likely think about boring antiquities spread across and otherwise dull field. This however is an entirely different story. Among the most popular tourist attractions, this one stands out. In the entrance to the Byblos, you will find a 12th century castle with a 10 m dry moat that has Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Greek and Roman ruins.


Do not miss the amazing view from the top of the tower, and explore all the magnificent ruins all over town. Spread across the ruins there are many interesting temples as well as a very interesting Beirut’s National Museum.


Royal Tombs

There are nine tombs dated back to the 2nd millennium BC. Here were initially found some of the sarcophagi that are now displayed in the National Museum. The most impressive one is the sarcophagi of the King Hiram, where archaeologists found one of the earliest Phoenician alphabets in the world.


Byblos Fishing Club

Among the best things to do in Byblos you must not forget to visit the amazing restaurant with its breathtaking view of the port. Relax in the restaurant’s terrace and taste the amazing dishes with seafood, French fries, hummus, refreshing salads and local beers.


Temple of Baalat Gebal

This is the oldest temple in the city, dated back to the 4th century BC. This temple is dedicated to Aphrodite during Roman period. It was rebuilt several times during wars and destructions, and professionals have managed to rescue many alabaster vases that are also hosted in the National Museum. You will notice 6 standing columns that are indicated actually an ancient Roman road, dated back to the 6th century BC.


Byblos: A Magical Place

Byblos has many more tourist attractions if you are planning to stay longer than 3 or 4 days. Plan your trip accordingly and rest easy that you will find many different and interesting things to do in Byblos. The overall atmosphere alone will compensate you for the extreme weather conditions, especially during summer.


If you want to walk around all day, make sure you choose the most ideal months from February to May where the weather is nicer, and you will have the chance to explore the town. Byblos attractions are filled with ancient ruins, beautiful museums and a whole other world that looks very different from your home town.



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