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Amazing Things to Do in Split

Split is frequently viewed by the travellers as a city that is ideal for island hopping; however, its Dalmatian culture should not be ignored. The city has an interesting tradition, and with a beautiful coastline, this is indeed one of the worthy places to visit in Split. The place is

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Things to Do in Istria

Istria is the biggest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea and is currently a part of the territory of Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia. Its historical heritage is quite rich as it has been a part of the Habsburg Monarchy, Napoleon’s France, The Austrian Empire and Italy throughout the last 300 hundred

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Things to do in Palmerston North

Palmerston North packs attractive attributes making it the only hotbed that will spice your trip with variety. It teems with marvellous scenic walks, hunting spots, bike trails, and the vantage location makes it a nerve centre for deeper explorations. Palmerston’s position interconnects it to a network of fun pockets such

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Top 4 Best Things to Do in Limassol

Located in the southern Coast of Cyprus, Limassol is one of the enchanting cities in Cyprus. It contains old medieval buildings including museums and religious buildings. Besides these compelling centuries-old buildings, the city also contains spectacular well-maintained beaches that people can visit and have a wonderful time. The Prokymea seafront is

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Top Things to Do in Galway

Nestled on the Irish west coast, Galway is a historic city that has always bustled with life since its infancy in the medieval epoch. The harbour city sits at the intersection of the River Corrib and the Indian Ocean. Stores and traditional pubs flank the 18-th century built Eyre Square

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Best Things to do in Cotopaxi

A scenic view of the volcano while riding on a plane or helicopter is definitely a unique experience. However, climbing and camping on the volcano or riding a mountain bike or a horse while traversing the paramo is a rewarding experience. These are some of the things to do in

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Best Things to Do in Croatia

Croatia is an Eastern European country that is bordered by the Adriatic Sea. It has a long coastal mile that contains superb beaches and lavish hotels where tourists can enjoy and find luxurious accommodation. It is a unique country because it contains more than a thousand Islands which each one

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